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Brendan and Jason in Seventeen

Thanks to Roswellian311 for this:

In the April 2001 issue of Seventeen, on page 82 there is a section from an
article on body language that’s called “Reading The Stars.” There is a pic
of Brendan and Jason and what their body language says about them.

Here’s what it says:

Brendan Fehr

Hanging with his bud, Fehr indicates that he’s more than just a sweet guy who
loves to play board games. Partially tucking his hand in his pocket, Fehr
seems at ease with himself – the kind of guy who’s fun to be around.

Jason Behr

Strong and silent on Roswell, Behr’s body does the talking offscreen, too.
His stance suggests he values his friendship with Fehr, while exuding an air
of self-confidence.