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Fehr: Manitoba celebrates its best

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Manitoba celebrates its best in film and video

Winnipeg Sun
Contrary to flying rumours, Sarah Polley, Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi turned out to be no-shows.

So it became incumbent on local boy Brendan Fehr to provide the star power at last night’s gala evening of the Blizzard Awards at the Prairie Production Centre, in celebration of the best of Manitoba film and video.

Fehr was greeted at the door by five Roswell fans who expressed their pride at Fehr’s success in Hollywood.

“It’s cool that this guy from Winnipeg gets to do all these award shows and gets to meet all these celebrities,” said fan Erynn Green, 18, who listed star Patrick Swayze second of the autographs she was seeking.

It was too bad Polley didn’t attend. She won a best actress Blizzard for her work as a young woman in love with a terminally ill young man in the film The Law of Enclosures.