New Zealand TV Guide-Majandra Delfino Article

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I found this Article in the latest NZ TV guide:

“Being blonde no joke at times for Delfino”

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‘While most blondes may have more fun, For Majandra Delfino it has sometimes been a frustrating road.

“I went in for the part of a Mexican girl in a big film” says the blonde-haired, fair-skinned, 100% Latin actress who cracks wise as Maria on TV2’s The X-Files meets My So-Called Life series Roswell.

“I even put on darker base make-up just to help (the casting people) out. I had to pray in Spanish, and I did it perfectly with a Latin accent. And they said ‘she was so good, but we’re going to go with a more authentic Latin’”

Venezulian-born Delfino shudders before she reveals the actress hired was Rachael Lee Cook. “She’s, like, Irish or something! It’s insane.”

Luckily, she has been working lately under more sane conditions. In the upcoming horror parody, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, She plays the part of Martina – the Neve Campbell/Jennifer Love Hewitt role of the comedy – who everyone thinks is a lesbian because, “Her name’s like Martina Navratilova, she has really short hair and wears cleats all the time. The movie makes fun of everything.”

On the serious side, she also has a supporting role in the Oscar-nominated Traffic.

“These kids go to this really nice private school and make straight As by day and then get wasted on coke and pot every night,” Says the Miami native. “It shows you that it’s not only the sketchy characters who do drugs. It can be the people you least expect.”

Delfino can relate, having attended one of the legendary parties at the Playboy mansion. “What a mistake, man,” she sighs, shaking her head. “Everyone that you thought was so normal and nice and moral was there, and they were taking part in these terrible things.”

The actress says its her Latin roots which help keep her grounded, and she still lives at home in Beverly Hills with her mother, step-father and sister.

“In America, after you go to college, its weird if you go back home,” the 19-year-old says. “But for us, until you get married, its really normal.”

And as far as Delfino is concerned, marriage is not on the cards any time soon. While she has been romantically linked with her Roswell co-star Brendan Fehr, she insists that they are not an item.

“We always go to things together” says Delfino, who in her time off from acting is working on an album (she already flexed her vocal chops on Roswell).

“Its kind of bad because we’ll hold hands when we go to an event, but then I’ll show up at another event with (my friend) Wilmer Validerama from That 70s Show. People must think, ‘What a tramp!’”