Various ‘Save Roswell’ Campaigns and Ideas

Thanks to Tina for this:

I am emailing to let you know that over here in Australia we are having major troubles getting Roswell back on air. We were originally told Febuary, then March, then June and now we have been informed that it is October. We are disscussing this over at the Aussie embassy on the Roswell board and we would apprecitate any help you could give us.

We are also campaigning to get the second season shown here in Australia, before JUNE. All the info is at the Ozwellian Embassy.

Ozwellian Embassy

Thanks to Hibbertlange for this:

As fans have verified from Max’s birthdate on the vial of blood from the
episode ‘Blood Brothers’, Max Evan’s would turn 18 years old on March 15.
(Birthdate-3/15/83) Many Roswell fans from Ros2 and the JB Board celebrated
by mailing and e-mailing birthday cards to Max in care of the WB.

The purpose was to remind the WB that even though Roswell is on hiatus, it’s
still on the minds of Roswell fans. And, although Max Evans is a fictitious
character, it is still disappointing not to have any Roswell episodes around
the time of his 18th Birthday.

So Happy Birthday to Max. See you in April!

Thanks to PW for this:

Okay this isn’t really an update, but I wasn’t sure where to send this
idea… I was fishing for “Save Roswell campaign” ideas, and finally someone
came up with one that I thought sounded good… if everyone sent the amount
of a bottle of TB to the PCF along with a note saying that it was donated in
the name of Roswell (and even putting in a little extra if you wanted to)
that it could be all together a nice amount for them.

Thanks to Koosa doll for this:

Hi just thought I’d pass the word along. Quite a few of us have gotten
together and decided that this year we’ll be sending the WB tons of the blue
crystal rock candy that you find in most candy stores. This is suppose look
like the blue crystals in the hybrid chronicles. We have chose April 30th
because it’s first of all a monday, and second We all have been told that
tptb will be making the decision to bring back Roswell or not for S3 sometime
in May.

We want this all sent together and in large mass to make a large impact.

It was also suggested that we get silver paint, handprint ourselves, take a
pic, and send it in. The choice is yours.

Thanks to Rachel for this:

There is a charity set up for Roswell fans that wish to bid on,
purchase, or donate Roswell items with 100% of the profit going to
benefit Breast Cancer. Items include photos, scripts, trading cards,
magazines, keychains, and also there will be signed Roswell photos.
Photos include, Majandra, William, and Emilie. For more information,
please contact Rachel at
There will be absolutely NO profit made off of these items. I must
stress that every single cent of profit will be donated to the official
Breast Cancer Fund.
To find other ways to help fight Breast Cancer please go to the
following site:
Also, every spring there are numerous Make Strides Against Breast Cancer
walks around the United States. Please contact your local Cancer
Association for details.