Various “Sightings” Of Cast Members

Thanks to Lisa for this:

I was watching the movie “Alien Nation Millenium” on the Sci-Fi channel today, and Jason Behr had a fairly big role in it. :o)

Thanks to Louise for this:

This is probably old news to you Americans but I watched the first episode of the second season of ‘The West Wing’ and the guy who played Nasedo (I really hope I spelled that right) played the chief Doctor who looked after President Bartlet – Dr Keller. You probably already know that but I just wanted to let you know just in case. As you can see New Zealand is way behind when it comes to U.S. T.V. Programmes!!!

Thanks to MYSTIQUE for this:

hey all! i saw Bill Sadler [“Sheriff V.] on a movie called “SOLO” it’s a very
good movie! you all should check it out.

Thanks to Robin for this:

Hey last night I was watching T.V when I flipped to channel 2 and I saw
“agent Duff” playing a lawyer on this drama show called The District she was
defending a lady who is a regular on the show for the custody of her son. Oh
and The Shawshank Redemption was on at 5:00pm with William Sadler. (Mandy Note: It’s on today (Sunday) on TBS at 2:00 p.m. as well)

Thanks to Katrina for this:

Devon Gummersall will be on “Once & Again” on March 7. He plays a troubled busboy spurs the latter to take hostages.

Thanks to Kate for this:

Devon Gummershall (Sean DeLuca) was on a movie called Lured
Innocence last night (feb 22) on one of the Max channels on satellite. I don’t really
know what the movie was about because I caught the last 15 minutes of it.
Devon played a guy named Elden Tolbert, and was one of the main characters,
did a great job of acting from what I saw.

Thanks to Megan for this:

I was watching WGN today and Shiri Appleby was on an old 7th Heaven episode. She played a gang member that couldn’t get out of the game and endangered her family. Kind of odd to see her in a role totally opposite of Liz!!

Thanks to Stella for this:

Hey guys! On Friday, March 2nd, the 7th Heaven episode in which Shiri
guest-starred in showed on WGN at 12:00. Shiri plays a gang member. It was
very good acting; much different from her Roswell character.

Thanks to Leah for this:

Just wanted to let ya know that Julie Benz is guest staring on Angel as
Darla, on March 6th (Tuesday) 8:00 on the wb

Thanks to Sarah for this:

Julie Benz will be in the upcoming movie, “The Brothers.” She has a
small part in the trailer, it looks pretty funny. :)

Thanks to Roxie for this:

I have spotted Kathrine Heigl(Isabell Evans) on Disney channells
movie “Wish Upon A Star”. I’ve also got to looking and Miko Hughes(Nicolas)
played on several episodes of “Full House”. I forgot his character’s name
but he played one of Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen(Michelle)’s friends