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Nick Wechsler In J-14

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

Nick is in the May 2001 issue of ‘J-14’ on p. 47 (Shiri picture in the horoscopes on p. 35 for Sagittarius).

“TV Boys: How they Found Fame”

“Nick Wexler” [that’s how they spelled it!]

Teacher’s intervention: Nick’s 10th grade teacher Ms. Tippit helped him launch his career after seeing how much potential he possessed. “She got the school to sponsor me to attend this film acting workshop,” he explains. “That’s kind of what got me thinking about getting into acting professionally.”

Wrestlemania: Before being bitten by the acting bug, Nick was a star on his school’s wrestling team. He loved slamming his opponents, but could have done without the weekly weight-ins. “I”m really shy about being naked in front of strangers,” he confesses.

Road to success: After graduating from high school in 1996, Nick headed for L.A. His first role was in a made-for-TV movie called “Full Circle.” After stints on two cancelled shows, the call for “Roswell” came. Betch didn’t know Nick originally auditioned for Colin Hanks’ role of Alex.