Cinescape: Roswell Finale and Return?

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‘Roswell’ Finale & Return?

Brendan Fehr is talking about the coming Roswell season finale as well as what he knows regarding the program’s chances of being picked up for a third season.

While talking to Ian Spelling in an interview for Xposé Special, Fehr isn’t giving any specific details on the season finale, but he does say, “It leaves a bunch of things wide open, actually.”

He adds, “But that doesn’t guarantee that we have a third season. That’s not up to us at all. I think the writers have… assumed that there will be a third season, but just wrote it with the attitude, ‘If we don’t, we don’t; too bad.'”

Fehr also talks of the situation at the WB lately with a departing popular series, saying, “I think I’d be ignorant to say whether or not we’ll be back. There are arguments for both, for coming back and for not coming back. Right now, with all the political stuff that’s happening with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Fox and The WB and contracts, we’re a pawn in the whole thing. We’re not the big man on campus in terms of being a [make-or-break WB] show. So we’ll just sit and wait.”