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Frida: Brendan Article

Thanks to Monia for this :)

I found this article in the swedish magazine Frida, I have translated it. I know it talks a bit about if him and Majandra really are a couple but it can be intresting.

Nr 9 2001(may issue)
Our Roswell-hero Brendan Fehr usually doesn’t even say bottle about his love life. But in a short second of unawarness perhaps Brendan can answer if Michael and Maria in Roswell are together even outside the cameras..?

“I have never been enough tempted to try alcohol. On the other side I’m curious att what type of drunk guy i would be -the horny one, the aggressive or the funny one. But I can get horny on my own and the two others I leave to peoples’ fantasy”, this is what Brendan Fehr said to Teen Movieline Magazine when his “no drugs, no alcohol” came to speech.

Because big alcohol and drug orgies is not what the Roswell gang do on their free time. At least not in Brendan’s company. “Majandra (Delfino,Maria in Roswell) is the only one in the gang I hang out with outside the show” he reveals in the same interview.

Yes,yes we’ve heard that.Roar.Even if it took time. Time after time he has denied that there was looove between the Roswell couple. During a chat on the net he said clearly that nothing was going on, but that they had become good friends. “Strangely enough since our personalities are not alike. By the way why do you think I would have the hots for Majandra?” Maybe because it’s true, Brendan! Finally after six months, Majandra said, like their relationship never had been a secret: “Brendan doesn’t only play my boyfriend on Roswell, he is my boyfriend in real life too”

And so it was confirmed. But Brendan remains to be mystical and full of secrets. Fuller of secrets than any other of the young Hollywood stars, it is said. But you should never stop to be amazed. “Right now I have no idea what is going on between me and Majandra, thats actually true. I’m a really confused person when it comes to us, but we work incredibly well together.
To in the same Teen Movieline interview say that he didn’t want to talk about him and Majandra… “I should have said ‘take care of yourself and don’t care about others”
Too late Brendan, too late.

Hope you enjoyed the article even though it might be old news… There might be some translation errors since I don’t know how to translate some sayings.