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Majandra’s Quilt Back at Ebay

The Rosquilter’s have asked that crashdown put up a news item to support this auction, so that this item can bring in as much as possible for the PCF.

Majandra has again listed the quilt made for her by the RosQuilters on Ebay. She really wants this to help as many children as possible. The money will go to the Pediatric cancer foundation. The quilt is currently going for $600. This quilt cost over $400 in materials, and many hours of love and hard work went into making it. If you can, please consider bidding on it so that it can bring a lot of money to the PCF. Pictures of the quilt, and links back to her post on Fan Forum about her reasons for auctioning it are included at the link below.


This is a rare chance for someone to show their support for Majandra’s very cool efforts to help some kids who really need it, to help a great charity, and to own something that Majandra loved and kept in her dressing room for all of season 2.