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Article appearing in an Aussie Mag – TV Hits

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This article is in “TV Hits” July 2001, Issue 155…..

It’s been a long time betweeen catch-ups with the gorgeous and newly buffed-up babe who plays the loveable alien Max on Roswell. When we traced him donw, we couldn’t help but give him a great big….


Hey Jason! Roswell was nearly cancelled but was saved when the fans ralled together in protest. How did if feel to have such a strong public support system?

It felt wonderful! The support for the show from the viewers has been tremendously overwhelming and everyone is very grateful for it

Some fans even sent in Tabasco Sauce to convince the network to keep running the show…

It was temendous! All the hot sauce that the fans went in was very influential in getting the attention of the network. One fan sent me a really cool hot-sauce leather holster. You don’t expect that kind of stuff.

But, I mean, in terms of keeping the show running, we still have a story to tell – there is still a lot left to do with the aliens and their relationships.

Do you believe in aliens?

It would be presumptuous of me to tell you that we are the only intelligent life that ever existed.

I do believe there is something out there, but I’m not sure that they are little green men. Who knows for sure? I don’t, but I guess I believe that we aren’t the only beings in the universe.

Are you like your alien character Max?

There are always some parts of you in your character, even if you try your best to prevent that. When you’re playing your role, you totally forget yourself, your character begins to live and he gets new features from you. I have learned things about myself with the help of Max.

What have you learned?

I have become more open and tolerant, and I need more sleep!

Do you thing Roswell deals with real teenage problems?

The themes – alienation and thinking nobody really gets where you’re coming from – are the same. You’re constantly searching for yourself and your place in the world.

Those things applyto just about everybody. But I think they mostly apply to adolescents. It’s not about finding a home as much as it is about finding yourself.

What was high school like for you?

I remember those times and I think high school is such an important part of a lot of people’s lives, either good or bad. I think it leaves very lasting impressions.

Did you ever feel alienated?

I can tell you that growing up I was a little shrimp. I was probably half the size of my friends, and half the size of most of my girlfriends. I felt awkward and misunderstood and lost.

I sounded like a girl on the phone!

You’ve certainly changed – you’re looking very buff now! What’s your secret?

Just be consistent – if you get out and you go to the gym at least every other day and you’re consistent about it, you’re going to make a difference. And eating heathy is another plus!

Has changing from a skinny kid to a leading man led to movie offers?

I’ve been reading a lot of scripts, trying to figure out the right one. I’ll only choose a movie if I like the story, the actors and the directors involved.

Are you feeling pressured to get on the big screen now that your star is rising?

No, I don’t want to work just for th sake of working. You have to be willing to take a risk and if I make a mistake, then big deal. I’ll learn from t and then move on. It’s not about how fast you can attain something, it’s about the trip to get there.

Acting is such a hard profession to break into, how did you do it so early?

I’d met a manager in Minneapolis and he said, “When you get to LA give me a call.” So I cam out here with 200 bucks to my name, called the manager and he referred me to an agent. I met the agent and the day after that I was auditioning.

One of your first jobs was a guest-starring role on Dawson’s Creek. What are the Dawson’s guys really like?

Dawson’s Creek was such a great show to work on! It gave me huge exposure and the whole experience was so much fun.

My character, Chris, wasn’t one of the nicest guys in Capeside, ut Wilmington is a beautiful place to work and the people were so friendly. They have such a great cast and I guess I do kinda miss them all. But i have htis show now and I love it!

When did you first realise you were famous?

I was driving to the Roswell set, and I didn’t quite make a yellow light so I stopped. I looked to my right and saw a poster of myself on a bus stop, staring back at me it was pretty bizarre moment, I was like, “Wow”.

Did you like how you looked?

It was tastefully done – dramatic, dark and mysterious. Therre was something very engaging about it!

Now you’re famous, it is hard to relax without being recognised?

Not really. I like to spend time with my family, that’s the most important thing to me. I spend a lot ot time outdoors with my family and my dog, and I like to play basketball.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I’m a student of film – I watch as many movies as I can, when I have the free time. I really enjoy the film process.

When will we see you in Australia?

I would love to come! One lady from our crew is Aussie, and the girl who plays Tess on the show (Emilie de Ravin) is too. They both tell me I have to go Down Under!

With this article there is a full page promotional second series picture of Jason and a picture of Shiri and Jason from series one in the article and a cast picture from the second series.