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With leading lady aspirations and a world of experience behind her, actress Marieh Delfino will make her major TV debut this year in NBC’s All About Us. The show revolves around the lives of four high school girls with Marieh playing Nikki, a popular but inwardly insecure girl sorting her life out with her friends.

The opportunity is a long way from Marieh’s childhood. She and her sister Majandra Delfino (Roswell, Traffic) grew up in Venezuela dreaming of Hollywood stardom. Marieh in particular had the acting bug, telling her mother that she wanted to be a child actor just like Fred Savage. So when Majandra began winning auditions in LA after high school, Marieh packed her bags and joined her in Hollywood. Read on for an interview with rising teen star, Marieh Delfino.


Hi Marieh, can you tell me about your new show All About Us?

Marieh: This show is about four teenage girls in high school, best friends, and its basically about their growing pains and dealing with boys, parents, getting grounded, fake IDs, and getting into fights with each other. It’s also about accomplishing your dreams and going for what you believe in.

My character Nikki is the most lost one. She’s the most popular girl in school and gets every boy she wants, a new boyfriend every week, but she has a little problem pinpointing her dream because she has really wealthy parents who are never around. So she’s the most difficult one out of the four.