Zap2It: New Cast Member Coming To ‘Roswell’ (Spoilers)

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Rodriguez Plays New Love on UPN’s ‘Roswell’

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) – Adam Rodriguez, seen most recently as a
wheelchair-bound computer expert in the short-lived UPN haunted-hospital
drama “All Souls,” has joined the cast of “Roswell,” which moves from The WB
to UPN this fall, beginning Oct. 16.Starting with the season premiere,
Rodriguez plays Jesse Ramirez, a lawyer who becomes romantically involved
with teen alien Isabel (Katherine Heigl), who was contemplating leaving for
college in the season finale. The native New Yorker and former baseball
player also appeared in “Brooklyn South,” “Felicity,” “NYPD Blue” and the
Jennifer Lopez video for “If You Had My Love.”