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Shiri in Teen People

Thanks to KrinkleG34

in teen people, it has the 3 books perfect for poolside and one of them is by
melinda metz, here is the caption :

Trust Me, by Melinda Metz ( Avon Books)
Fans of Metz’s Roswell High (the literary series on which UPN’s Roswell is
based) will enjoy her latest series, called Fingerprints. In the newest
installment, Trust Me, Rae Voight–the 17-year-old protagonist who can hear
people’s thoughts when she comes in contact with their fingerprints—is
being stalked by someone who knows about her gift. But the stalker isn’t just
after her: He’s also kidnapping her friends one by one. With its paranormal
premise and heart-pounding plot twists, could Fingerprints TV series be far

Thanks to Megan, KrinkleG34 and Sarah for this :)

I recently got the new Teen People Magazine and on page 88 was the Question of the Month, which was…

“If You Had an Extra Hour Every Day What Would You Do With It?”

(with a small pic of Shiri as her reply) “I would read Harry Potter. I am on the second (book) and I want to get to the fourth very bad!”