Xpose September Issue Excerpts

Thanks to Mark from Visimag for sending me the link to excerpts from the September issue of Xpose with Shiri and Majandra.

Earthly Delights

As they prepare for a third season and a new network, Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino consider the future of Roswell.
Ian Spelling looked up to the stars.

A fan outpouring led to The WB renewing Roswell for a second season last year, and now another has led to UPN picking up the series for a third season after The WB tossed the sci-fi/romance onto the junk heap. “It’s so overwhelming and we’re just so appreciative,” Shiri Appleby, who plays lead human Liz, enthuses. “We have jobs because these people [the fans, particularly the diehards who fired off thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce and countless bunches of flowers to network executives] love what we do.”


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