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Brendan Fehr Article & Music Video

Thanks to BonnieB21 for this :)

One is a one page article about him in the July/August FHM (For Him Magazine)the Sci-fi edition (it tells a cute story about him, his hair, and the crew of the show), it’s coincidentally enough has a picture of Emille de Raven (in a bathing suit) on it’s fold out cover (along with other sci-fi “babes”) and a little story about her too. I thought their website might have an archive, but I don’t think so.

The other thing, I wanted to mention is that I just saw Brendan in the new U2 video “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”. And it’s a big part too, he plays a football place kicker who during the big game manages to mess the kick. The ball hits the goal post and his team loses the game. Bono and the band sit in the stands of the stadium singing and being out of step with everyone else. And Brendan keeps kicking the ball over and over again and nothing changes. I saw the video on MTV this morning.

What is it about people from Roswell being in music videos?