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HBO’s “Band Of Brothers” Premieres Sunday

This comes from the latest issue of EW

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another article. It’s about “Band of Brothers” (based on the book by Stephen
E. Ambrose) and it mentioned Colin Hanks. A Very small part….

Battle Fatigue?
(pg. 146)…………..Colin Hank (Roswell) acquits himself extremely well as
a baby-faced West Point grad thrown into combat in hour 8……

So everybody will get to see him on October 21: Part 8 – “The Patrol”
There are 10 different parts in this movie, and each will be aired each
different week.

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The HBO miniseries “Band Of Brothers” on HBO which includes Colin Hanks will premiere September 9th.
Just thought I should let you know. It looks really good and its directed by
his father Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg and has received much critical