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Jason and Katherine: From Nov 2001 Twist

Thanks to Shay for sending this in!

From Twist, November 2001:

Jason Behr & Katherine Heigl

Alien incest-the scandal that rocked the universe! Well, actually, Jason and Katie are neither aliens nor brother and sister, although they do play extraterrestrial siblings Max and Isabel on UPN’s Roswell.

And their real-life romance is not quite the scandal that rocked the universe, although it was a surprise to many fans who couldn’t believe that Jason was dating a co-star who wasn’t Shiri Appleby (who plays his Roswell love Liz and with whom he had such amazing on-screen chemistry).

But there must be something in the Tabasco sauce over on that show–co-stars Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino also have an on-again, off-again romance–because Jason, 27, and Katie, 21, have been dating for over a year.

And according to E! Online columnist Wanda, it’s getting way serious. Jason gave Katie a Claddaugh ring (an Irish ring featuring two hands holding up a heart with a crown over it), and she wears it with the heart pointing inward, meaning her heart is taken. How sweet! But don’t let that romantic vibe spill into the show!