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JB Calendar Update: Orders Mailed on Wed!

Thanks to Mr. Borthwick for this update on the JB Calendar.

I am pleased to say that the Jason Behr calendar is now printed and that we will get it this Wednesday. All the envelopes to send them out in are all ready to go with the names and addresses printed on them. They will be mailed Wednesday night.

Most of the orders are from Crashdown members in the USA. They will be sent AIRMAIL; however, after the terrible events of September 11th the mail from the UK to the US and from US state to US state has more security checks than ever before, which could in a few cases slow up the usual fast delivery. Our mail is sorted by state and flown directly into 9 major US states making it much quicker than regular Airmail.

I would ask members to allow 28 days for delivery but it should with a little luck be 5-14 days from Wednesday.

Thank you Crashdown Jason Behr’s fans for shopping with www.365calendars.com. We have received many orders quoting your web site.

Some fans have asked if they can pay by money order, there is no problem with this. If they go to the web site, complete the order form, print it and mail it to us with a check for $19 including shipping.

Mail order to:

Jason Behr Calendar Offer
PO Box 200
LN12 2YD

Remember to put two 33-cent stamps on the envelope.

Thanks again for you and the fans orders.

Richard Borthwick