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Majandra and Shiri Chat Transcript (Slight Spoilers)

The following is the transcript of last night’s Watch with Wanda chat on E!Online. Wanda was chatting with Majandra and Shiri…

Roswell’s Maria and Liz Come to Chat!

Heavenly earthlings, Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino beamed in to answer your most pressing Qs–everything from upcoming Roswell-ian plot twists and on-set happenings to what’s going on aside from the show.

Hey, boob-tubers! Hope you have your Roswell Qs rarin’ to go, because Shiri and Majandra are here and ready to take ’em. So, let’s get started!

From katy: Thank you for taking the time to answer your fans’ questions. Here is an easy one: Who are you a fan of?
Shiri: Majandra Delfino. I’m her number one fan.

From yiota: This season, will Maria get a boyfriend she’s satisfied with? She seems unhappy with Michael.
Majandra: I don’t know if she gets a boyfriend she’s satisfied with, but she starts to realize life is more than just having a boyfriend.

From Johnny_from_San: What’s better or worse about the move to UPN?
Majandra: It’s better, because they’re excited to have us. They’re promoting us. And there’s nothing worse I can think of.

From noghri: Roswell won’t be on forever (unfortunately ;(. Do you ever think about what you’re gonna do afterward?
Majandra: I’ll probably continue to do the music thing.

From Jula: Looking from the outside in, how do you see the season so far, and do you like the direction the show is headed?
Shiri: I think the show has gone back to being based on the relationships and the characters. I think it’s working a lot better than it was last season.

From julie: Your show is one of the bright spots during this tough time. Has the September 11 attack affected any of the storylines?
Shiri: Not that I’ve noticed.
Majandra: Not really.

From scerwee: How does the cast get along?
Shiri: We all get along really well. It’s like a family at this point.

From Jasmin from Germany: How does it feel with your private life being the center of most of your fans’ interest?
Majandra: I didn’t know that! But I guess it’s cool. I’d rather they be interested in something than not be interested. But they don’t know much about my private life, because I don’t have one!

From daphne: I read that you cried when Colin left. How did you feel when Emilie left?
Shiri: It’s always sad to lose a cast member. It was a little more dramatic when Colin left, because his character died.

From lyly: Majandra, are you going to tour sometime soon? I love your songs!
Majandra: I’ll tour during my hiatus, or if the show gets canceled.

From lulu12: How different is filming the show now compared to filming the pilot?
Shiri: It has totally changed. It’s just a different experience altogether. When you’re doing the pilot, there’s this thrill of: Will it be picked up or not? Now things are more stable.

From Shelby: Hey, Shiri! I love the show. Obviously, all of us Max and Liz fans out there are wondering what’s ahead for the two of you. Jason Katims mentioned a twist in February. Any hints?
Shiri: I think Liz starts to realize the consequences of being so committed to Max.

From wendie: Do you have any input when it comes to your character (writing, clothes, etc.), or do the writers and producers have total control?
Shiri: The writers have total control. You get to have input on the clothing, but writers have final say. We get to keep some of the clothes we really like.

From Rodrigo from Rio de Janeiro: Who would you like to guest star on Roswell?
Majandra: Jack Nicholson. He could play my dad.

From julia: What do you think about the cycle of breaking up the couples for more creativity?
Majandra: I think that sounds like a great idea. I also think that’s what teens do. They’re kind of flighty.

From Jan Taborsky: How do you think Liz would accept Max’s son if he were around?
Shiri: Well, at this point, she’s so in love with him she would accept it. But, at the same time, it would be a constant reminder that he’s with someone else. So it would cause some drama.

From noelia: Is it difficult as a Hispanic actress in an Industry where diversity is sometimes frowned upon?
Majandra: It’s only difficult when I try out for Latin roles, because my blond hair and fair skin make casting directors believe I’m not Latin, which seems quite stereotypical.

From nicole: If you could be any character on TV, who would you be?
Majandra: Probably Dick Van Dyke on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

From Riscado: I live in Brazil, and I’d like so much to know if there are any plans for your CD to come out in countries besides the USA.
Majandra: My CD is available at majandra.com and can be purchased over the Internet, so it’s available to anybody.

From kelyann11: Any chance of Maria speaking or singing in Spanish?
Majandra: Speaking has been talked about, but the other has been tossed around, and she definitely won’t be singing in Spanish.

From tayloredmax: What would you say to someone just starting out in acting?
Shiri: You just have to be very driven within yourself and not take anything personally. They’re not rejecting you; they’re just looking for something more specific.

From Mandy from Plano, TX: You’re absolutely fabulous as Liz! Tell us about a day in the life of Shiri.
Shiri: Um, well, a normal work day is like this: We get there at 6 a.m., have lunch at 1 p.m. and shoot until 6 p.m. Then I go home and get some sushi…and that’s me.

From jennifehr: Majandra, will you do any shows around L.A. to promote your CD?
Majandra: Definitely. I haven’t tried to fit it into my schedule yet, but I’m sure we’ll do that.

From maura: Last season touched on the subject…do Liz and Kyle develop any powers?
Shiri: Yes. And that’s all I can say.

From merlinda: How was it working with Clayton Crane? (He’s really hot.)
Majandra: It was fun. He’s a cool guy…a very fun actor to work with. He and I got along well.

From Augusto in Argentina: What do you think of the success of the show in other countries?
Majandra: It’s great! It makes me happy to see that other countries get it. I can just imagine what we sound like dubbed and stuff, so I apologize for the bad acting–but it’s not us.

From wolverine687: For Shiri: What is your plan after Roswell?
Shiri: To probably audition for other things and maybe go back to school. I was a sophomore when the show got picked up. All of my friends have graduated by now, so it’s kinda weird.

From katy: While Max and Liz may be a couple, we rarely see them in the same scenes. Is this going to change in upcoming episodes?
Shiri: Yes, I think so.

From jolene: What TV shows, past and present, do you enjoy?
Majandra: The Bob Newhart Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dobie Gillis and The Donna Reed Show. I just thought she was so cool. And Rhoda. I love the old stuff.

From starbright: Is it really true you are best friends on and off the set?
Both: Yup.

From Candy_gurl: Kudos to Maria for finally getting her shining star in music! But does she have to give up Michael for that? Please tell me they get back together.
Majandra: Well, as most of you could tell, Michael was a very bad boyfriend. And I think he gave a really bad message to teenage girls about what they’re expected to deal with. What he put Maria through is not something any girl should go through. Unless he does a complete 180, she stays away from him.

From kellyann: Are you, like your character on Roswell, a romantic fool?
Shiri: No. I hope not.
Majandra: Definitely not.

From mandy: When will we see you in more films?
Shiri: I have a movie coming out called Swimfan85. It’s a fatal-attraction story set in high school. It stars Erika Christenson, Jesse Bradford and Clayton Crane.

From jillian: What’s in your CD player right now?
Shiri: Pete Yorn. Dashboard Confessional. Majandra Delfino. The Sicks. Coldplay. Dave Matthews. Dashboard Confessional is so good.

From anonymous: What’s gonna happen in the next few episodes?
Majandra: Let’s just say it gets better. We’ve got Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, so there are a lot of holiday-based shows that are really good.

From Carolina from Mexico: Can you tell me something about the diary you’re doing?
Majandra: Basically, it’s a day-by-day journal entry that I type from home. Whether it’s interesting or not–that’s up to who is reading it. Sometimes I have art and pictures. It’s pretty personal. I update it pretty much every day.

From patricia: How do you like Maria’s role this season?
Majandra: It’s starting to get juicier.

From TheWaves: Does the online community ever freak you out in their intensity/obsession? Do you ever not like going online (for Roswell) because of the reaction to certain things and certain actors/characters?
Majandra: They totally freak me out! At the same time, they totally make me laugh, especially the bashers who come up with things that don’t exist.

From ginamaria1981: What do you think you have in common with your character?
Shiri: We’re both best friends with Majandra. Besides that, not much. But she’s a pretty loyal person, and I’m loyal. And sensitive.

From ginamaria1981: Majandra, what do you think you have in common with your character?
Majandra: Nothing. We both can sing.

From jill: Is Brendan Fehr taken? If not, can you ask him to marry me?
Majandra: [Laughs.] You’ll have to ask him yourself.

From riina23: Sometimes I think I’m too old (21) to obsess over a TV show, but I love Roswell nevertheless. Do you two have any shows you’re addicted to?
Shiri: I could watch I Love Lucy for the rest of my life. I like to get the Sex and the City box sets and watch them over and over.

From ismail79: Shiri, what was Xena like?
Shiri: It was pretty cool. I got to go to New Zealand for a couple weeks. And Lucy Lawless was so fun.

From aliasrules: Would you want to do a Buffy-type musical episode if you could?
Majandra: No, I hate to sing on the show. I don’t like being fed the kind of music I have to do. But if it were just Appleby singing for an hour, I’d be behind it all the way.

From lizzyp177: Majandra, have you ever considered going to other parts of the world with your music?
Majandra: I hope I have the opportunity to. I hope and pray I can. Acting is a money thing, but singing is my priority.

Okay, peeps. Sorry, but Shiri and Majandra had to jet, so you’re stuck with me for the next fifteen minutes. On to other non-Roswell-ian scoop!

The rest of the transcript, which dealt with spoilers for other shows, can be found at www.eonline.com.