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Majandra answers even more Fan Questions from Fan Forum

Thanks to Majandra for answering more fan questions from her message board on Fan Forum

Carismahormone girl – You gonna dress up for Halloween? If so, as what?

Majandra – Halloween Costume: An Army chick

AFlightyLittlePrincess – Do you have any specific ideas of what you would want to do if you could make a music video for one of your songs?

Majandra – Music Video: I have many ideas for videos. One in particular is for oil and water I would like to have a little boy playing with a live heart.

L0viNkaRe – Do you have anything hanging on your bedroom wall? Posters? Paintings? Pictures? Just curious.

Majandra – Bedroom wall: I only have framed paintings. I have flaming june and a delaroche’s le jeune martyre. I have pictures up of friends and family and my late pup tatu.

Kym – Question – Brendan once posted a list of personal injuries that seemed extensive – multiple broken bones, dislocated shoulders ect. I was just wondering if you had been involved in the causing of any of them?

Majandra – Injuries: Do to my lack of violence, I am sorry to say that I have not contributed to any of Brendan’s injuries. I did, though, slap him aside the head once cuz it was written in a scene and that’s as violent as I’ve ever gotten with anyone….good times, good times.

Mea – how many present friends of yours go back to your childhood? And is it difficult keepin’ tied relationships with them, in spite of the distance and your lives that, I guess, are now so different?

Majandra – Friends: 4 out of 6 of my closest friends go back to elementary school. It’s tough to keep things going from so far away but with people like them its worth it.

PhoebeAlyson – Which Portishead album do you have? I have Dummy, it’s by far the best. Do you like ‘It’s a Fire’? That’s my fave Portishead song.

Majandra – Portishead: I have every recording of theirs that I can get a hold of.

Twisted Temptress – Do you think you make a good role model? Why/why not? Also, do you like Ghost World the comic book/screenplay? And have you been to see the film? I’m a big fan of the comic and i know the film is nothing like it, so i just wondered if the film was worth going to see. If anyone else has seen the film could you let me know what you thought. Thanks.

Majandra – Role Model: I don’t think I make a good role model, no. I am too human for that kind of stuff. I’m not a blonde cookie cutter, love my parents, loved school, please and thank you -24 hours a day. I think that’s what a role model means these days, you cant even be a sexy entertainer without people holding it against you that kids are imitating you. So is it all supposed to be Donna Reid or nothing? So with that in mind, no I’m a bad one.

*Summer* – Have you read the original Roswell book series? If so, what did you think of it? Do you wish the show was more like it or not?

Majandra – Roswell Books: I read the 1st one. Good stuff.

Elizajoey – Burger King or McDonalds?, Coca Cola or Pepsi?, Nike or Adidas?, What are the first five things u think of when u hear the word Australia ?

Majandra – This or that: McDonalds. Coca Cola. Adidas. When I hear the word Australia I think of a nice beach and beautiful weather.

Lot_53 – What hair product do you use to keep your hair so pretty?

Majandra – Hair product: I use phyto shampoos and conditioners.

Hayley – how do you keep your skin so clear (well it looks clear on the tv and in pics) ? Do you have a special diet?

Majandra – Clear Skin: I keep it clear by washing it and giving it enough moisturizer. I also eat damn good due to my allergies. Fish, veggies, lots of water.

BadlyDrawnGirl – question do you read horoscope and do you believe in it ???

Majandra – Horoscopes: I am a believer, in astrology yes, in psychic stuff-no.

**CHLOE** – do you watch Soap Operas when you can! If yes which ones!??

Majandra – Soap Opera: I don’t watch soaps.

steffieweffie – What is your dream role and who would you pick to play opposite of you?

Majandra – Dream Role: Edward Scissorhands with Johnny of course.

MS MARGARitA SALt – what do you think about Brendan’s manager, Jim? he is so hilarious on the Brendan boards, he always cracks me up.

Majandra – Brendan’s Manager: I am a BIG fan.

sick little jag – what is you’re favorite cuban dish? (just wondering..hehe..i love carne con papa…steak of potatoes..

Majandra – Cuban Dish: My favorite would have to be Ropa Vieja and platanos.

msanthropickat – What do you think of everyone’s new “look” this season? How is Adam Rodriguez?

Majandra – Everyone’s new look: I like it. I think its very fitting. Adam is super cool, funny and so charming its sick!

shade – I wanted to know where your inspiration comes from, since you don’t talk about things like “perfect love” and happy ending stories, like most the young singers do. I wanted to know if you write a lot, like for yourself, and also if you write things different than songs lyrics. I like to read you, it always seems so… real!

Majandra – Inspiration: I write in my diary in riddles and rhymes and then I put them to music. That’s how my songs come about. No truth gets sacrificed for a good rhyme or sound or melody, its all the truth-too much sometimes.

Filo83 – I’ve heard you read “Harry Potter” books,which is your favourite one? Do you prefer shooting outdoor or indoor scenes?Are outdoor ones more difficult?

Majandra – Harry Potter: The second book was my favorite so far. I prefer doing outdoor scenes when the weather is to my liking (hot and humid)

Carisma – So do you vote for yourself in polls? favorite fanfic?

Majandra – Vote: I don’t believe in voting most of the time.

PhoebeAlyson – Which of your songs did you most enjoy writing, or which one is your favourite, and why?

Majandra – Songs: I like to write the slow sad songs.

MariaFan – This is just a pointless question but what’s your favorite food and drink

Majandra – Favorite food and drink:I would have to go with Whole Milk and Torontos (they’re Venezuelan chocolate covered hazelnuts)

Dare2Dream – what do you find most challenging as a singer – recording or writing? Have you ever considered lending you voice or singing for that matter to a cartoon character ie. Disney movie?

Majandra – Singing: I find singing on a bad day the hardest thing, and keeping your foot down on your musical integrity pretty tough in this damn town as well. Singing to cartoons would be something id have to really think about.

melinda77 – do you like “friends”?if so who’s your fav character?

Majandra – Friends: I like friends. I don’t have a particular episode I love though.

Foxy*Dramatic – Where did you get the title of your CD from? What does “The Sicks” mean?

Majandra – The Sicks: When I wrote and recorded these songs I was overwhelmed with a general feeling of sickness, and on top of it a sickness with no remedy, a sickness I had to just cope with until it slowly disappeared.

fehrianlove – Hey Majandra!! I hope this doesn’t offend you in any way, it’s not meant to!!! My question is about your hair. It’s been great every season (though I must admit, its gorgeous long.) but it has also differed wildly. What is your hair naturally like?? (sorry if it’s been asked before) I mean, is it naturally straight, like it seems currently in s3, or thick and curly like in s2?? Plus I’ve seen pics of it long, wavy, thick, and dark brown..I’m just wondering..it’s beautiful all ways…Thanks!!!

Majandra – Naturally Hair: My hair is very straight, to the point of being too straight. It is thick and grows in dirty blonde which gets bleached out in 2 secs with the sun. (the picks of the long dark wavy stuff was wavy dark extensions)

Banana Princess – I just wanted to know if you have seen the movie Monster’s Inc.? If you have, what did you think about it? But…If you haven’t, thats cool. Just next time your in Texas…down around Austin area, let me know, I work at a movie theater, and I’m pretty sure I can get you in free.

Majandra – Monsters Inc.- I saw it loved it and cried.

mandy4282 – Is the album going to be available in stores at any time? Are any of your songs going to be on the Roswell Soundtrack coming out in January 2002?

Majandra – CD: Let’s see.

Postman – This could be a pretty early question but what would you like to have as a Christmas present this year??

Majandra – Xmas: I would love to be given a Pekingese.

Mme~Mim – When you have to cry in one sceene: Do you cry “real” tears or do you use those liquids to put into your eyes that make your eyes start to cry without asking you for permission?

Majandra – Crying: We cry for real. Those tear things dont really work all that well and anyway we wouldn’t be doing our job if we used them

MariaFan – I have a question, Majandra do you watch Malcolm in the middle? What is your favorite comedy?

Majandra – Fav Comedy: I would have to go with the simpsons today.

righteous – i saw a pitcure of Marias room and in the background i noticed a poster of Ani Difranco! i literally fell off my chair in amazement! do you listen to/like Ani Difranco? I had to ask..i really hope you do, since i live and breathe for that woman! She’s just so beautiful to me..

Majandra – Ani: Yes I love her and have since I was 14.

glamrockqt – I’m sure you’ve probably been asked this a million times before, but I was just curious, Does it ever get weird working with Bren because of your “history” together? If that’s too personal, you don’t have to answer. Mucha suerte con tu musica

Majandra – History with Brendan: It is a joy to work with him. I am his mom and he is my dad, we are brother and sister and we are best friends, we are everything and its just the ultimate relationship of pure unconditional love. Its pretty great BECAUSE of our history together. I have never had a love like this before, neither has he so…

GoddessKrissy – What storyline featuring you, do you most want to happen?
And what celebrity hotties you have the biggest crush on?
And if your character breaks up with Michael, who would you like to see Maria with?

Majandra – Storyline-I like the idea of making Maria evil, like a bad kitty type of evil. I would like for them to provide something for me that would force my butt to work out and kick ass. Celebrity hotties: I dont really have crushes on those types especially since I’ve never talked to them or anything. Im a real sucker for becoming friends with someone and then love just creeping up on me for it to only slap me hard one day. That’s what makes me wild man. Pictures and interviews, blah. Maria’s Future Love: I would like to see her with Kurt Cobain-bring him back I dare them.