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Colin Speaks Out About ‘Roswell’

I was reading my local paper today (The Ventura County Star) and noticed an article on Colin. It’s a pretty big article and I will post the entire thing but wanted to pull the stuff about Roswell and his feelings on the show into a separate posting.

What’s in a name? Colin Hanks of ‘Orange County’ is finding out

By Betsy Pickle, Scripps Howard News Service

…Hanks played human teen-ager Alex Whitman on the first two seasons of “Roswell” and, when he was offered the lead in “Orange County,” he knew it would be hard to come up with a schedule that would allow him to work on both. He and Kasdan went to “Roswell” creator and executive producer Jason Katims to see what could be done.

“I said, ‘Look, man, if this means that I’ve gotta work seven days a week on both things, so be it. I’ll do it,’ ” says Hanks. “(I) never said, ‘Can you please write me off the show?’ He said, ‘Let me think about it. Give me two weeks, and I’ll get back to you.’

“Two weeks later, I got a call from Carol Trussell, who’s also one of the producers on the show. She said, ‘I’m going to give you a head’s-up here of what we’re thinking about doing. We think we’re going to kill you.’ Which is sort of funny to hear. Especially (since) it was around the holiday season.

“I was shocked. … But I got to have a cool sequence there. That was all fun being able to do. It was sort of sad because it was like, ‘OK, wow, moving on now.’ That was kind of my life for two years …

“Jason Katims, he was the first person to cast me in anything. I owe a lot of my career to him, not only because he gave me the opportunity to be on his show, but he also gave me the opportunity to be in this movie.”

Hanks hasn’t been watching his old show this season.

“You wanna know what? I got a satellite TV and I don’t get UPN,” he says. “I never had The WB either. I was on a TV show, and I didn’t even get the channel.”