Jason Behr in New York Magazine

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New York magazine, January 14, 2002

page 10 “Scene” page of photos, there is a photo with the caption “Anand
Jon, Elizabeth Kielstein-Cord, and Jason Behr at the reopening of the Serena
Bar.” Also a photo on that page of Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore and
(producer) Harvey Weinstein at a screening of “The Shipping News.”

page 9, “Intelligencer” section by Marc S. Malkin

Spacey, Hallstrom Kick Behr Butt

There was definitely no Hollywood-style pampering going on when director
Lasse Hallstrom relocated the cast and crew of “The Shipping News” to the
small Newfoundland town of New Bonaventure (population 75) for two months.
Jason Behr, the young hottie from TV’s ‘Roswell’ who plays Dennis Buggit in
the movie, had to shack up with co-stars Scott Glenn, Pete Postlethwaite,
and Rhys Ifans.

“It was sort of like a frat house,” Behr tells us. “We had one phone, one
answering machine, one TV, and one counch.” They spent most of their free
time playing Ping-Pong and hanging at Rocky’s, the one local watering hole.

“Kevin Spacey taught me how to take a nice as*-whipping in Ping-Pong,” Behr
says. But it was Hallstrom who really got cutthroat about the sport: “One
night, Lasse walked in and said, ‘Ping-Pong! I have, how you say, a killer
slice.’ He gets up there and you see this very calm and very passionate man
turn into this Viking. His pirate roots came up for blood, and he kicked my