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X-Pose – 10 Things Never Knew About Jason


10 Things You Never Knew About Jason Behr
Max Evans in “Roswell”

~1~ Jason Behr was born on December 30, 1973, making him 26. Not that this is stopping him from playing a 16-year-old at the moment, though.

~2~ Jason has three brothers: John, Aaron and Andrew and currently owns a brown dalmatian named Joplin.

~3~ Born in Minnesota, Jason has been acting since the age of five, when he first hit the stage. Clearly always knowing what he wanted to do, he continued to hone his skills while at school before moving to Los Angeles to make a career out of it.

~4~ Before long, Jason was guest-starring in all manner of shows, including JAG, Profiler and a series that may be known to some readers called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jason played a former boyfriend of Buffy’s in Lie To Me.

~5~ One of Jason’s claims to fame is that he’s been in over 75 commercials, so look out: he could sell you anything….

~6~ He first came to the attention of teenage viewers on Dawson’s Creek, playing Chris Wolfe, a rather nasty piece of work.

~7~ If you think you’ve seen him anywhere else, chances are you spotted Jason in a small role in the movie Pleasantville. he has also ironically appeared in Alien Nation TV movie Millennium and co-starred with Dean Stockwell in the film Rites of Passage, which premiered at the 1999 Palm Springs Film Festival and was filmed in 21 days.

~8~ In preparation for playing an alien on Roswell, Jason very conscientiously read up on aliens, including watching the Alien Autopsy video.

~9~ Jason also has his eye on getting behind the camera, as he’s already a keen camcorder user.

~10~ In his spare time, Jason enjoys sporting activities such as basketball and golf, even going so far as to take part in the Celebrity Pro-Am Classics Tour

– Paul Spragg