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This weeks Celeb Spotlight at is Colin Hanks!! Follow this link to read all about him!!

“Cutie Colin Hanks chats about his latest movie Orange County, his Cast Away dad, and whether or not he’ll rise from the dead on Roswell.”

By Jin Moon


Age: 24.
Date of Birth: Colin was born on November 24. That makes him a sexy Sagittarius!
Place of Birth: Sacramento, CA.
How You Know Him: Colin got his big break playing Alex Whitman on Roswell!
College: Attended Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, CA.
Celeb Connection: His father is Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks. He recently worked with his dad in the HBO mini series Band of Brothers.
Trivia: There’s currently a petition to bring Colin’s Roswell character back from the dead! Check it out here.
What’s in his CD Player: Red Hot Chili Peppers, A Tribe Called Quest, 311, Mos Def and Primus.

What made you think you could play surfer dude Shaun Brumder in Orange County?
My first opinion was, OK, this guy’s an Orange County surfer so they’re probably gonna be looking for some big buff dude, who knows how to surf, likes to get in the ocean, and who would be kind of funny crying how bad he wants to be a writer when he looks like some strapping, beau-hunk, surfer-punk dude. At first I didn’t really think I was an Orange County kind of guy. [My co-star] Schuyler Fisk and I — we’re the two palest actors and here we are trying to pretend we’re surfer bums and beach babes? Nah. But when I read the script, I believed could do the part. It was so well written — it was so new and refreshing….Luckily, Jake Kasdan [the director] said we’re not going for that surfer punk guy!

How did you come upon the script for Orange County?
I was working on Roswell, and we were able to do movies and stuff on the hiatus, but I sort of balked and started reading stuff during the season anyways! I’m 24 years old, but let’s be honest. I was mistaken for a 14 year old a couple days ago! So obviously I get a lot of the same sort of teen movies. And to be honest, most of them are pretty boring, pretty bad. Orange County was hands down the best thing that I had read.

So you don’t think Orange County’s just another teen movie?
It isn’t just another teen movie. And I don’t think it is a teen movie. Without sounding too scary and a little bit too G-rated, the movie is sort of like a family film. I think adults could enjoy this film more than teenagers would — and that’s not a knock on teenagers. I just think [screenwriter] Mike White can write stuff that can be extremely funny and overly comedic — kind of slapstick in a way. But the movie’s also extremely heartfelt and sincere and real — that was so, so, so refreshing, even though I knew at some point I would have to do a scene next to a locker! It was nice to be able to finally read something that was smart and wasn’t about just getting the girl. It wasn’t sort of throwing away the myth of what high school should be like.

What do you hope to achieve after this movie?
Well, I hope that work begets work, which I know it does. Obviously, the movie puts me out there on a little bit of a level where people are sort of familiar with me. I’m not looking to go to the next level or anything, but you know, sort of get my name out there, get my face out there so that hopefully I can continue to work on other projects.

Tell us about working with your OC co-star Jack Black.
When I first met Jack Black, he let me come down to the studio and watch him record [Tenacious D tracks]. Which is like if you’re a huge Elvis fan, that’s Elvis saying, “Hey, come down to Graceland and watch me record.” We pretty much went to every show he did when we were making the movie.

Do you feel pressure to succeed in Hollywood because of who your dad is?
Not at all. I know that people form some sort of opinions. They’re gonna wonder, “Oh well, can he cut it?” But it’s not my job to prove to them that I can do it. It’s my job to make the movie or the show or whatever it is I’m working as good as I can and do my homework. I mean, that’s what I’m really more concerned with. I’m more concerned with the director getting what he wants and am I giving enough to my other actors so that they can work, too.

What part did you play in That Thing You Do!?
Man, I played the smallest role you could possibly imagine! My dad was just like, “Do you want to work on it for a day?” I said, “Yeah sure.” I was a male page. I escorted Liv Tyler up some stairs….They only put me in the credits because they thought it would be cool for me.

What’s the best advice your dad has given you?
Show up on time. Memorize your lines, hit your marks, that sort of stuff. The advice he gives me is really sort of the boring stuff. It’s about the other half of being an actor, which is going out and publicizing a movie and what to expect and what to prepare for.

He said that publicizing a movie is gonna seem extremely awkward. When you think about it, you’re going on TV or you’re printed in newspapers and you’re asking millions of strangers to go see your movie. That’s weird. That’s not a natural thing to do. But it’s part of our job.

So are you coming back to life on Roswell — or what?
I’m not sure. [Right now on the show] I’m a ghost, but I really don’t know.

I was watching Extra on December 31, 2001 and they had a special on Colin Hanks. They talked about his new movie and his father Tom Hanks. They interviewed Colin and talked about his other movies, including “Get Over It” and they talked about UPN’s Roswell!! They showed a scene from Season One of Roswell…I am not quite surw which one it was though!!

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