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New Zealand TV Guide: Brendan Article

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Here is a transcript for an article that appeared in the New Zealand TV Guide.

As he gets out of his Dodge 4X4 in front of Jan’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, Brendan Fehr
looks every bit as cool as his character Michael on sci-fi drama Roswell.

His light brown hair is tousled, his face, virtually expressionless.

But Fehr, 23, says: “I don’t think I’m as cool as Michael. I think I’m a lot more geeky.”

Well, he sure hides it well. The actor has made a career playing intense characters from his smaller
roles in Disturbing Behaviour (as a computer-chip enhanced student) and Final Destination
(where he blew up a few minutes into the flick) to Roswell and his new film, Forsaken, in which
he plays a vampire hunter alongside Kerr Smith. Having seamlessly made the transition from
television to film, this stellar actor has a career trajectory that’s out of this world.

You tend to get these jobs that deal with science fiction. Are you attracted to them or are
they attracted to you?

They’re the only people who will give me a job. Up in Vancouver a lot of sci-fi stuff was shot – The
X-Files, Millenium, The Outer Limits – for whatever reason. Sci-fi is always interesting if you
do it right. I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of sci-fi. I’m a fan of what’s good.

Is there anything you would like for Michael to be able to do?

I always wish he’d take a road trip by himself. Tell Max and Isabel to piss off and take off for a while.
He’d come back and realize that he needed them obviously. But I’d like him to take a little road trip. I
got a new motorcycle on the show.

Do you think that you’re like your character?

A particular mood of mine bleeds into his. But on the whole he’s very bitter and he’s rude. He’s a
straight-to-the-point guy which I am as well, but I do it more diplomatically the majority of the time.

Are you close with everyone off the set of the show?

Me and Jason and Katie have a significant amount of scenes together, and we get along
great. Shiri and I get along a lot better this season than last season. When we’re pissed at each
other I’m like, ‘Shiri, don’t be a bitxh’. And she’ll say, ‘Brendan, don’t be a dick.’ It’s like a brother-sister
thing and 10 minutes later we’ve got it off our chest. That’s really cool.

Now I hear you’re not a big partier.

No. I’ve never done drugs. I’ll have a beer, definitely. But if I’m going to make a decision that I’m going to
regret, I’m going to do it thinking straight.

How is Opa? [Brendan’s 2 yr old rottweiler]

She’s so clumsy. I don’t think she’ll ever grow up. Probably just like me. She doesn’t quite get it. She doesn’t
realise her size.

How did you get to be friends with Carly Pope?

We would see each other at auditions in Canada. And then we both came down here to test together for
Roswell. She moved on and got Popular. We don’t really hang out that much because our schedules are
different. But we go hiking on the trails together with the dog.

Anything you want to do in the future?

I want to take over the world.

Well, after you’re done with that.

I think that will be a fulltime job. No, it depends how good I get at acting.

Brendan’s Girl Talk.

I find a girl attractive who: likes me

I will marry the girl who: can put up with me. I’ve got to put up with her too though.

The worst thing a girl can do is: get a boob job

The most embarrassing thing I ever did on a date was: I’ve never been embarrassed. Well, not very often.
Nothing has ever traumatized me. The first girl I kissed was Hannah. I forced her to when I was in grade one
on the playground. She didn’t like it very much. It wasn’t that great. I don’t even know why I did it because I
didn’t like her that much.

My best date was when: I havent really gone on a date. All the girls I end up going out with I have always
known them. All the girls who I have said, “Hey, you wanna go out on a date?” to have really sucked and it
ended right away. So I don’t really have a best date