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Majandra answers more Questions from Fan Forum members

Thanks to Majandra for taking time to answer these.

Iamhere18: What do you think of the city of Toronto here in Canada? Great city isn’t it?

I loved Toronto, I definitely would like to live in Canada at some point in my life, and Toronto is definitely one of my top 3 picks.

*Monnie*: Did anything funny or interesting happen on your Thanksgiving? (I know when my family gets together its nothing but laughs)

Thanksgiving isn’t very eventful since I live with my parents and the rest of my family is in Miami. It’s basically like Dinner every night only with Turkey and thanksgiving type foods and desserts.

Majandra4Life: You are a wonderfully talented actress and singer Do you have any plans for a follow up cd to “The Sicks”? Are you interested in making a second cd?

Obviously I am going to make another CD in time, but considering that the Sicks took 2 years to complete, I’d like to focus on it for a little while-geez its only been what 4 months? Im flattered though, thank you for the inquiry.

Foxy*Dramatic: Majandra, do you like the new song ‘My Sacrifice’ by Creed? Maj, what’s the symbol for your CD mean/say? I can see the M and the A but I don’t see a D so it can’t be ‘MAD’, can it? Does Marieh ever come to visit you on the set of Roswell? Or has she ever visited you on the set of any movies like Traffic or Shriek…? Have you ever been to New Jersey for any reason? When are you coming to New York City for anything? If you are, when and where?

I dont like Creed at all, sorry to say, I’ll leave out why as well. The symbol for my CD is MAD. My sister has come to visit me when I am in dire straits on set. I call her when the boredom is unbearable, needless to say she’s been around a few times. I’ve been to Jersey for 2 days when I was 14. I will be in New York late March to play live.

Crashdown Girl: How do you get those amazing outfits you wear , do you have a designer that goes out and gets the clothes or do u just by them yourself?
If u got to travel around the whole world what place would u most go to first like your fav city or country.

I dont have a designer. I shop at the mall. I guess I would travel to places my parents haven’t taken me to yet, such as Africa and Russia. I love Italy though, I plan on spending some time there in the future. Im interested in raising children there for a change of culture.

ericag1: do you read your pms. or emails/fan letters that the fans send you? and if so do you respond by writing them back?

I used to read my PM’s alot and now I am so behind I dont know where to begin. I dont want to leave anyone out so it seems Ive put the whole thing aside. Oopseey

BadlyDrawnGirl: How many Children do you want to have(just girls,just boys,boy&Girl or twins) and how would you call them????
What was the worst/best song that you had ever listen to???
In your opinion,who is the most beautiful girl in the world???
Were you ever stuck in an elevator and if so what was going through your mind at this time???

Id like to have 4 children. The names would change when factoring in the father and his preferences. Worst song, geez, you come across so many of those I wouldn’t know where to begin. Best song, man I hold so many very high up so it would be crazy to pick one. Let’s say these days the best song to my ears would be Song number 7 on the Bjork’s Vespertine. The most beautiful girl in the world is that Brazilian Model with the blue eyes who was the guess girl and is now the Victoria secret chick. She’s beauty to my eyes. Never been stuck in an elevator, thank goodness. I’d like to be stuck in one with my dog and best friend Alex, atleast I wouldnt be dying of concern and we’d definitely have alot of laughs.

*IcePrincess*:Have you ever been to Detroit or any part of Michigan, and ,if so, how did you like it?
If you could change one thing about your charecter, what would it be and why?

I have been to Detroit and I liked it alot. In fact, I had a killer time there. I am so far into the job of Roswell that I no longer have any preferences for my character. I wouldnt know where to start at this point you know? I guess the most important thing would be to make her strong and independent cuz she should be a good role model and in my opinion that’s what it takes. I wish that they would let us wear our clothes too. It sucks coming dressed for a job that’s usually cold and in windy places only to have to change into something “cute” while the whole crew got to dress appropriately for the bad conditions.

Filo83: I just read you are part of “R.S.V.P.” movie.I didn’t know,so what’s that about?Who is your character?

RSVP is a slasher hitchcock-esque movie. I play your average rich party girl with not responsibility in the world. I like to play these parts where I get to make fun of types of people Ive known or seen.

sparklymoon: I wanted to ask you what is your real hair color? Is it blond black dark brown or diffrent? What color would you like to keep?

My hair color has never been untouched. Roswell has made me dye it blonde and they always wanted me to wear it curly, when in truth it dries stick straight and grows in light brown. Ive now taken a stand and am wearing it light brown and straight. Hah.

max’n’liz4eva: Do you think you’ll ever come to the UK? May sound like a stupid question but do u prefer christmas or birthdays?

I used to vacation in England (essure surrey) every Christmas and summer with my friend Sam and her family. I miss it very much as it’s been some 4 years since Ive been back (minus the week I went to Chelsea for a wedding 2 years ago) But as for quality time there, its been a while one could say. I plan on going there this summer with Anthony. I prefer Christmas, I like to buy gifts and wrap them for people I care about.

Lot 53: What magazine do you like to read? What type of computer do u have?

I like to read the New Yorker, Popular Science and Martha Stewart. I use a g3 Wallstreet power book (Mac duh) the fastest one baby.

Mine: What your favourite thing to do on your time off?

Favorite thing to do on my off time would have to be sleep. I cherish my sleep and have the best dreams ever. They are the most beautiful and colorful part of my day, nightmares included.

optimistic lyricist: If you owned a bar what would u call it, and what would it be like?

If I had a bar I would call it the Delfino. It would be very French circa 1800s

MariaFan: Majandra, I noticed you have really light skin and I do too, I never tan ever, I only get sun burned now I just wear sunscreen, I was wondering since you have light skin too if you ever tan or only burn?

I have lights skin only because I work very very hard at preserving it. I tan and I turn very dark like the Latin I am, but I noticed on winter away from Miami that my pale skin was milky not rutty and red. I thought this to be very nice and elegant and complimentary to my large selection of black clothing so I’ve stuck with it ever since. I use 30 spf every day. I think tans are cheesy to be honest with you, but hey to each there own.

Postman: Could you put autographed pictures on at your store at Majandra.com??

Majandra.com is music related, headshots are for acting. I will have autographed CD’s and posters available online very soon.

Hybrid Girl: When Roswell ends, do you plan or want to focus on solely your music, or just continue to act like in the past? Or will you do both?

When Roswell ends I will focus on music and acting. Only I will not be attempting to do a TV show, I learned what it was like and my curiosity has seen what it needed to see.

ericag1: wassup majandra…when you do have some time off, do you you go anywhere in particular to hang out…

I will be off of work March 11th only to be traveling to Miami and New York and god knows where else to sing my songs.

J A N E Y: Do you keep a Diary for your eyes only??and Do you Shiri & Brendan ever hang out after work?

I very much keep a diary for my eyes only. Its extremely chaotic in there you know.
Brendan and I hang out, and shiri and I hang out. Never all three of us. Brendan is al little too subdued to hang with shiri who likes to live it up and party a little too much for Brendan. Atleast thats what I gather. I have made attempts to mix the two up but it never pans out to well. Brendan is very educational and mature so I must annoy him but we still have a great time. Shiri is very social and trys to bring me out of my shell at times, otherwise she just gives up on me.

Kacy: What question is asked to you the most?
Does it amaze you how much people are interested in your and Brendans friendship?

People ask about shiri and Brendan the most. I believe they’d love to think that shiri and I were best friends and talked and walked like Liz and Maria and that Brendan and I were like Michael and Maria. Everybody is soooooo different from there characters that even if it were so we’d still be a disappointment for the fantasy.

J4CKI3: What is the weirdest(is that even a word?)gift you have received from a fan?
What about the coolest?

Weirdest gift is a condom. Nicest gift was the quilt and the pillow, 2nd runner up would be a scarf from Sue and a last unicorn book from a radish girl.

DramaticBliss: When you sing on Roswell, do you pre-record the songs like you would for a music video? Or do you just sing it on the show like live?

When I sing on roswell I used to pre-record and now I usually just sing right there. Singing was something I was kind of forced to do on the show, they caught wind of the fact that I could sing and used it to there advantage regardless of my opposition towards doing it on a TV show. So at first I’d listen and go in and prerecord it like they wanted and now I just sing it on my own instead of give up my weekend at a Paramount recording studio.

Spacecadet1962: you grew up in Miami right? well did you like it or do you like California better? i’m from florida too and i was just wondering. is it hotter here or there? Also what are your favorite foods?

I prefer Miami much much more to California. Im still wierded out that my waitress is at my auditions and so on, its too industry related here. I like being somewhere where you can say “I shot a pilot” and they think you committed murder. LA isn’t warm enough for me and my favorite food is Indian, Thai and Cuban

darkmistress: Okay – totally begging here, and I KNOW this isn’t Shiri’s board, but was wondering if you could help since you guys are friends….What is Shiri’s middle name? No one seems to really know. I’ve heard her name is really Victoria Shiri Appleby, then it’s Shiri Freda Appleby. Do you know what it really is, or can you find out?

Shiri Freda Appleby

Danny’s Girl: What does your family think of your songs like “Bruises” and “Tattoo”? I think they’re brillant. You’re a great writer!

I dont have a very close relationship with my family regardless of the fact that I live with them. I think they had hopes of me being a debutante scholar of marriage material or something to that affect, so they dont really ask to listen to my music.

kylaluvsroswell: What has been YOUR fave hairstyle or hair length from season 1 Roswell to season 3 Roswell ?

None of my hairstyle’s where really me on Roswell so it’s hard to say. I like it when it’s just left alone. Straight and productless.

ColinsChica: It’s a simple question I was wondering if you ever ran into a crazed fan that freaked you out?

I have only been freaked out by fans online, particularly the ones that watch our show weekly yet bash it all day long.

DramaticBliss: Does the entire cast exchange presents on Christmas or do you just buy specific people presents like Brendan and Shiri? Any plans on what you’re getting them this year?

I buy gifts for everybody but usually shiri and Brendan are the only ones who buy me ones in return. We try to make a festivity out of it even if some people dont like it. It s Christmas man, let it go….right? Enjoy yourselves, have fun!

cablenathan: have you or any other cast members considered attending overseas conventions ( something like .Armageddon ) to further promote the series?

I would love to attend overseas conventions baby.

PhoebeAlyson: What’s your idea of utopia?

My idea of Utopia is children and lover a plantation and the bay all around me.

user_name: Since it looks like there’s no chance for a 4th season of Roswell, do you have any idea if the producers/writers are planning on giving the series some closure during the last couple of episodes?

The producers are going to continue to write as if there will be a 4 th season

Kiangel: As an actress in the public eye do you ever feel like you sometimes can’t say things you wish you could?

I feel like I do say things that OTHERS wish I wouldn’t or couldn’t

Lot_53: What’s your favorite spanish expression? Favorite toy or toys when you were a little girl? What do you know about Panama? (the country)

Fav expression would be Sin Verguenza. I was called that alot growing up. That and Gorda. I love the two.I love Rainbow Bright dolls and the color kids and Care Bears as well. I’ve been to Panama and it was very beautiful and I ate very very well.

Michelle4Roswel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or a least wish to be in 5 years?

I cant see myself in 5 years, I dont have that kind of far sightedness. I’d like to be doing whatever makes my heart consent.

Aubrey: I have a question about the pictures of you at majandra.com (the main website graphic)How did they do that? Is that you with makeup on or was it altered with computers? Is it a mannequin made specifically to look like you?

It was a photo shoot altered to look like a babydoll, for anybody that owns the CD the graphics are credited to Jay.

Crashdown Girl: Now that maria and michael have broken up is will there be any chance of them getting back together ?

I dont know, we dont get told much. We learn our lines like minutes before each scene and get the scripts the day of the new episode these days.

TeflonChica: Would you ever consider writing and singing songs in Spanish? You have a great voice. Do you listen to any music in spanish, if so, what kind of music is it?

I have a song I wrote in Spanish since sometimes I have thoughts in spanish.

VarsityChick: What are three songs that you could never get sick of?

Across the Universe-The beatles
Crimson and Clover-Tommy James and the Shondels
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered-Ella Fitzgerald

JaggedLittlePill: Majandra, do you have any pictures of you and your former group “China Doll” together? Are you going to put them up on your site? Or on this board?

I have a picture of us when I was 11 and we had just been put together as a band. It’ll probably be on my website someday.

Postman: How do you usually spent your Christmas day?? What kind of great things you do with your family at Christmas??

We celebrate Christmas eve by having dinner and exchanging presents then we open gifts from Santa in the morning.

ruthie: Did you play the instruments on the album or did Anthony or someone else?

We all played something at one time. Its done by computers and synthesizers, even the drum parts so yes it was definitely a group effort depending on who felt like doing it that day. Mostly Anthony though cuz he’s the dad.

ericag1: what type of movies you would like to do.. action, drama, comedy. you get the picture…

I like to do Movies that have interesting scripts, whatever category that be in action comedy or drama.

Rich: I was just curious how the cd was selling. Would you be willing to tell us how many have been sold so far?

The CD is doing so damn well its unbelievable. Alot of the Maria hopefuls are disappointed but it has brought out some true music lovers. You can tell with there response of what there favorite song is. When they just say Hell and Bliss we’re usually dealing with Roswell peeps and if they include anyother song we’re dealing with music peeps. As for a specific number, you’d have to ask your Dad, Anthony.

sparklymoon: Ok if this is too personal u dont have to answer but what religion( Is that spelled right) are you? I was kinda wondering and do you go to church?

I am catholic, but I go to a Presbyterian church occasionally. God isn’t about church learning is so there you have it.

Hard-Core GG Fan: do u and the other cast members miss having colin [hanks] around?

Yeah we miss him, we still see him around though so its all good.

S@PPY: if you could choose only one famous person, our somenone that you admired, and that is dead…….who it would be????

John Lennon

Becc@: I know this is probably a weird question, and if I’m out of line just tell me and I’ll shut my mouth, I just wanted to know what kind of Shampoo you use, and what kind of cologne you wear.

I use a japanese shampoo made out of rice or something and I have way too many perfumes to list, mostly Bvulgari though.

rapunzel: I was looking through pictures of a Teen People shoot, and noticed you had a chinese (or japanese) character tattooed on your foot. What does it mean?

Me and my best friend Julie have eachothers Chinese Horoscopes tattooed on our foots mine means dog and she has the rooster.

DramaticBliss: What’s your favorite kind of Skittle? The Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, or Orange ones?

I dont fancy skittles. Im a chocolate girl

*ruthie*: in Bruises, there’s a phone conversation in the background. what is it about and who are u talking to?

Thats not a phone conversation, its me and Art talking smack

PhoebeAlyson: I heard about your latest film, R.S.V.P. Of all the actors in the movie, which did you get along with the best, or hang out with the most?

I shot for 2 days on RSVP and went home to shoot the rest of an episode for Rowsell, so there was not hanging out for me, although Jay did spend alot of time with me between takes.

BadlyDrawnGirl: How did you feel during the filming of the oven scene for R.S.V.P???
Was there some kind of trick for the scene or do you really have to crawl in there-seems really tight so I hope you don´t have to stay in there for hours

I had to get in the oven.

Maliejandra: I read once that Mariah is the one who wanted to act in the first place and you always wanted to sing. I was wondering, if you could hand your acting career over to Mariah and then be able to have your music career, would you do it?

I would give my sister anything in a second.

DramaticBliss: Hey hey Mo-ness! Just wondering, what did you do for New Years this year?

I was sick so my best friend here in LA took care of me. We were asleep by 11.

BuffyLives: I was wondering what it was like working with Steven Soderberg on ‘Traffic’? (He’s so the man!) And which director would you love to work with and you haven’t yet?

Steven was cool, he’s very much a Majandra type of guy. Into the same music and had many things in common. Now he’s all famous, its funny cuz he’s just so…normal.

babyblewstuff: uhhh What wuz ur most embarassing moment… like in ur life n stuff lyke that….

Too many to chose from, I dont even notice anymore. I guess it was when a director was telling me to fake an orgasm and I didnt understand what he meant cuz he kept calling it “the O”

hazelnut: Have you ever read “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Tracy Chevalier?
I ed it and I would like to know what do you think about it! (if you’ve read it, ‘course!)

No I havent

Future Max: Maj, do all these questions ever drive you nuts? Personally, if I had all these to answer, I’d probably go postal, pull an Elvis and shoot my computer screen.

I like the questions, especiallly the new ones.

DramaticBliss: Do you think it’s like cool that you have your own smilies and stuff? & They’re really cute lol

I guess so. Is that my Logo thing your talking about? Yeah its great fun I guess, huh Ive never had it be called cute though. Noted.

*Jessica*: I was wondering what is your fav kind of cookie? (I love choc chip cookies) And what is your fav color? (Mine is purple)

I like chocolate chip cookie dough by Pillsbury. Favorite color is plum and moss green

DramaticBliss: What are your bad habits? Like do you bite your nails or crack your fingers or something?

I have bad habits like sticking to the same food everyday and getting sick of it. Indulgence is my worst habit.

BadlyDrawnGirl: Did you like it filming “I Married an Alien”????
I know that you said you like filming Summer47 so how was it for you to go back to the 60´s????

I married an Alien was just one hour of work for me so I didnt really get to experience the whole 60’s thing.

Alicia2003: hey Majandra. Well I knnow I posted before and didnt really have a question. Well I still dont really have a question but I was kinda wondering is do you ever make really good friendships with some of your fans. Well I know the question is kinda stupid but i was just wondering. Bye.

I have a thing about quality over quantity. Its so hard to make friends in LA because of what we do and the stigma of being a TV employee so I cant even imagine having an honest relationship with anyone who was introduced to me as a fan. If they were to get to know me better and lose their admiration for what I did on roswell then I think it could be a true and healthy relationship otherwise it would just be unbalanced. I believe both people need to feel equal, not one the “star” and the other the “fan” you know?

BadlyDrawnGirl: Since you´ve released your own CD how is your attitude against MP3 Sharing Machine????
I´m dl a lot of stuff but not from up-coming singers cuz they need every CD to sell to get their place in the music scene..so are you mad if you find your Songs on Morpheus,Napster or whatever having in mind that all the users who dl them could maybe bought your CD,since I heard somewhere that you have to sell 10,000 copys to get a contract on a bigger level!!!???

I dont mind the whole MP3 thing I guess. Only problem is I heard they only play like half of my songs and that they’re old versions of them anyways. so it’s not really like the real thing. That would disappoint me as a consumer. But as for people not buying enough CD’s, I dont think one will really interfere with the other as much as they make it out to be.

glamrockqt: How are ya hun’? By the way congratulations on the awesome cd. I love it. Just a question, how does your family react to your “star” status?

My family is of a very high class upbringing, they think this celebrity stuff is not the greatest of paths since it doesnt require much of an education. People in this business are so unsophisticated that it can be a little scary for a parent.

zbyrat: One little question from Czech Republic. Are you smoker or not?

No smoking. I think smoking should be like a dessert or a fine wine. Something done as a treat with a glass of Port or something, not as a habit. Would you eat a dozen Creme Brulees a day?

Innua: “What’s been the happiest day of your life so far?”

I had the best Birthday ever this year. Thats been the best day so far.

Alien@heart: *Do you ever visit any websites that are dedicated completely to you? *Is there a downside to being in the spotlight of the public all the time?

I go to Ave Majandra alot. They do a really good job.