Roswell Magazine Appearances

Thanks to Carly for this :)

In the February issue of Teen magazine, Katherine is
on page 120. Picture is attached, quote says,

“The only prom that really counted for me was my
high-school boyfriend’s prom. He was a senior when I
was a sophomore so I went to his prom. It was the
most wonderful experience. I felt like nothing could
top it because I was so in love with this boy and I
had the perfect gown.”

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I just wanted to let you all know that there is a whole page of Shiri in the Febuary 2002 Magazine of J-14 on page 93. The whole page is about her, but they’re just showing you how to dress like Shiri but still it’s very CUTE! Especially for Shiri fans.

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I don’t know if this has already been sent in and I’m a little late,
but in the Dec 2001-Jan 2002 J-14 issue, there’s a pic and article of Shiri,
where she fills up half the page longwise and it’s titled “Overcoming
Insecurities”, it’s one of the new UPN publicity photos from this season
with her ponytail and black lace top. Then on the last page, there’s a full
page pic of Jason in his leather jacket and long hair(from the beginning of
the season)and beside it is a little quote from him saying, “Sometimes, the
best thing about somebody is their flaws. If everyone was perfect, it would
be kind of boring.” -Jason Behr

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Roswell is mentioned in the February issue of Teen People on page 54 under the Movies section. Colin Hanks’ movie, “Orange County” is being dicussed. Here’s what it says:

Colin Hanks (formerly seen on Roswell) plays a high school overachiever whose sterling academic records get mixed up with those of a loser. He sinks to hilarious levels of deceit to get into Stanford (January 18)