Brendan FehrLeading

Brendan on at

Thanks to Jill for this :) I’m off to go pick up my photos from last night’s party so I’ll try to post more stuff later tonight if I can get online

I found this on the web page and thought you might like to know
about it….at least the Answer Guy who Brendan is! Please don’t take
offense the the Answer guy-he’s full of wit-among other things!!!!

Answer Guy:
@U2, May 04, 2002

From: Samantha
Who is the actor who plays the kicker in the “Stuck in a Moment” video? He
looks familiar.
Dear Samantha:
His name is Brendan Fehr. Used to be on a UPN show. Or maybe it was the WB
network. Maybe the show is still on, AG has no idea on that. (And doesn’t
care, so please don’t barrage me with emails updating the career of our
friend, Mr. Fehr.)