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Jason mentioned in May Movieline

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this :)

Movieline, May 2002, p. 61, 90 “The Young Hollywood Issue” with Sarah Michelle
Geller on the front.

In an article called “The Big Young Hollywood Hangover” by Katherine Mitchell,
various points of advice are put forward for young actors.
Under point 6, “Modesty Can Do Wonders” It says:
“The teen craze made leaps from TV to film not only easier than ever before but
positively commonplace. But there are leaps and there are leaps. Taking small
parts in prestige films is what smart agents and managers tell youngsters to do,
and you can see that some of them have taken the advice. “Roswell’s” Jason Behr
took a small role in Lasse Hallstrom’s ‘The Shipping News’ and did better than
his costar Brendan Fehr who took a lead in “The Forsaken.”

Also in that same issue Clayne Crawford, who played Maria’s musician friend
Billy, is in a fashion shoot of cowboyish clothes called “Hollywood Hud.”