Baron And Toluca

Final #FanArt Contest on September 16th!

Please make sure to get your B+T artwork ready as September 16th will be the last possibility to submit your #BandTfanart for a contest on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the #FanArtFriday contest over the past weeks! We hope you had fun with this “introductory promo event” – as a fanart creator as well as a fan whose timeline was embellished with those great works of art.

Please don’t stop creating B+T fanart! Let’s continue to show our interest and intrique with the mystery show that is “Baron And Toluca”.

Make sure to continue posting your work on Fridays with the hashtag (so that more fans discover your art and the B+T project). Also, it’s amazing to see the fun ideas during the Tweet-A-Thon every Saturday.

If you tag us we’d love to continue retweeting your work!

Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thanks to everyone who posted and submited their amazing artwork. As said before, thanks to the amazing B+T fans for posting all this great fanart on social media. It was so hard to choose! We have really enjoyed ALL of your contributions. Your talent is out of this world! Picking the graphics each Friday for the contest was like asking Maria Toluca to pack just one suitcase on a vacation: nearly impossible!