NewsWeek: Roswell

Thanks to Kylie for this :)

I recieve Newsweek to my house once a week. I started to flip around and then I saw the head of Jason Behr. Haha…. Then I realized they talked about Roswell. Here’s what they said:

Series Finale: May 14, 9 p.m.
Network: UPN

In the Golden Age:
WHo wouldn’t love a hot trio of young aliens? It was ‘X-Files’ meet ‘Dawson’s Creek.’

Why You Tuned Out and Off:
End of season one, when all sex overshadowed the alien spookiness.

While You Were Gone:
The teens decide to regain the throne in their alien kingdom. Turns out they can’t leave Earth.

The Show’s Denouement:
As high-school graduation nears, our heroes must decide whether to ‘come out’ to their adoptive parents.