Jason BehrLeading

Jason Behr has lead in independent film

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In October 16, 2002 “Hollywood Reporter” about Jason’s new movie project:

Marina Black (“Six Feet Under”) is set to star in the indie romantic comedy feature “Happily, Even After” for director Un Su Lee and Hotbed Prods. Black plays a beautiful, mysterious young woman hired to play the fairy godmother to a charismatic, directionless young man. The film, shooting in San Francisco, also stars Jason Behr and Fay Masterson.

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The news broke about 10 days ago that JB was in a romantic comedy with the working title “Happily Even After”. It’s produced by Hotbed Media, a production company that seems to have made a name in short films, commercials and corporate films. His co-stars are Marina Black, Fay Masterson , Michael Goorjian, Ed Asner. Directed by Unsu Lee. Written by Nicholl Award winner Rebecca Sonnenshine.