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Brendan Fehr answers more fan questions

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let people know that Brendan just updated his website with some fan questions that had been asked on his message board.

Giddy – If they ever remade Rebel Without A Cause, setting it in this decade rather than the fifties, would you be interested in playing the James Dean character? Also are there any films from the past that you would love to have starred in?

BF: No, I generally don’t believe in the remaking of films, especially popular ones that have already been accepted and held dear in the public’s eye. So no, it’s kinda a no win situation. The chances of you not living up to Dean are great, and even if you do an adequate or great job it’s still not “Rebel” so… what’s the point. There are movies I would’ve loved to have been in like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” or “Hard Core Logo” but none I want to remake.

ddawn347/RighteousProphecy – Are there any moments in your life you wish you can live over? What’s one of the best moments you’ve ever had?

BF: There are a couple moments, well maybe more than that, but at any rate, moments I’d like to have done something different but I’m not sure any I’d be willing to go in the past and do over. I’d then change what and where I am now and I wouldn’t want that. One of the best moments I’ve ever had, ummm, sadly I don’t really know.

KrisCow – What’s your favorite exotic or extravagently expensive food? Like filet mignon, truffles (not the chocolate kind), seafood, etc.

BF: I love filet mignon but I really enjoy kobe steak, the raw, cold kind. And there’s also this desert at Nobu/Matsahisu’s which is just outstanding. It’s awesome.

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