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New projects for cast members

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From: IMDB

What are some of the Cast of “Roswell” up to now?

Shiri Appleby to play “Carla” in “The Skin Horse”.
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery.

Jason Behr to play “Jake” in “Happily Even After” .
Genre: Comedy / Romance.

Katherine Heigl to play “Marty Claridge” in “Love
Comes Softly”. Genre: Romance / Western.

Majandra Delfino to play “Iris Buchanon” in
“Reeseville”. Genre: Mystery / Thriller.

Brendan Fehr to play “Skateboarder” in “Nemesis Game”.

Colin Hanks will act in “11:14”. Genre: Drama /
Thriller. Plot Outline: The events leading up to an
11:14 PM car crash, in reverse chronology.