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Some Information On Roon Moore’s New Project

Thanks to stargaser for this :)

Ronald D. Moore writer of at least 10 Roswell episodes has been quite busy lately. He’s a writer/producer of the new remake of Battlestar Gallactica classic series for the scifi channel. Script reviews for these coming mini-series are available at Battlestar Galactica and Aint It Cool News So far, the cast of the feature is as follows:
Cast (in credits order)
Katee Sackhoff …. Kara Thrace, callsign ‘Starbuck’

Ronny Cox …. William “Husker” Adama
Mary McDonnell …. Laura Roslin
Michael Shanks …. Lee “Apollo” Adama

The mini-series are scheduled to premiere on scifi sometime towards the end of 2003.

Mr. Moore also has a place as an executive producer in the new HBO TV series called “Carnivále” starring Nick Stahl. The pilot was done and approved by HBO. The cable network has ordered an additional 12 eps; production is expected to begin in late Jan. 2003.