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Katherine Heigl – TV Guide

Thanks to magic for sending this in!

There is a short interview with Katherine in the new TV Guide Magazine (April 12th – 18th):

Katherine Heigl used to dream of living in the country. But after spending two months on a rural California farm for Michael Landon Jr’s frontier romance, “Love Comes Softly”
(Hallmark April 13, 8pm), she’s sticking to bright lights and big city. “It was six days a week with no electricity or running water,” she says.

“Going every day without microwave popcorn? That’s just wrong.” Heigl, 24 has a knack for playing characters living off the beaten track. In 1993, she headed to the Bahamas for her breakthrough role as Gerard Dépardieu rebellious daughter in “My Father The Hero,” and she starred for three years as an extraterrestrial teen on WB’s “Roswell”.

What’s next? Not the wilderness, that’s for sure.

Did it require any special skills to play a woman of the 1880s?
They taught me how to milk a cow. After tons of practice, I perfected the yank-and-squeeze method. Now I look at a glass of milk and have a whole new respect.

How did your cast mates Dale Midkiff and Skye McCole Bartusiak handle the rustic setting?

I’m a princess, but they were really tough. It was cold in that cabin, so in between takes on a few nights we huddled together to keep warm. It was like the Waltons.

Are you now totally turned off from camping?
My boyfriend (former Roswell co-star Jason Behr) wants to go. Sleeping under the stars could be romantic, but if I go I’m bringing a portable generator.