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Colin Interviewed By MTV

From MTV:

Nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance Male for his starring turn in the comedy Orange County, Colin Hanks talks about his childhood and his beginnings as a professional actor.

Colin Hanks: I definitely had a typical childhood in Sacramento. I lived up there with my mom and I had family that lived down in Los Angeles so I consider myself a true native of all of California. It was pretty standard stuff. I went to a pretty small high school, didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

I dug acting though. I knew that and I did a lot of plays from grade school all the way up through high school and college. I came down to Southern California for my freshman year in college and actually went to school in Orange County for a year, which was kind of funny. Then I transferred to a school up here in Los Angeles and never got a chance to finish school ’cause I ended up being really lucky and getting a job and I figured if you’re studying to be an accountant and you get a job as an accountant, why study to be an accountant? Just be one. I’m not at all endorsing dropping out of school, but that’s what I did and then now here I am on a rooftop here in Hollywood, California.