Brief Magazine Update Sightings

Thanks to Amy for this.

Majandra Delfino and her sister Marieh appear in the June issue of Rosie Magazine (with Martha Stewart and Rosie on the cover). Their picture is one of five in a feature titled “Lookin’ Good Sister!” that begins on page 136. Under the title it says:
“Style runs in the family. Just ask these clothes-loving tv stars and their favorite siblings.”

On page 139 there is a picture of Majandra and Marieh and a short byline on the side:

“‘My sister once said, “You and I look like drawings of the same person by different artists.” I think that’s totally right on.’—Marieh”

“Younger sib (and costar of the WB’s Roswell) Majandra Delfino, 21, far right, came by her first name because Marieh, 23, an actress who’s appeared on Boston Public, couldn’t say ‘Maria Alejandra.’ On Marieh: Shirt, H&M; $9. Jeans, Earl Jean; $123. Shoes, Charles David; 145. On Majandra: Top, Cynthia Steffe; $97. Pants, H&M; $49. Necklace, Gara Danielle; $198. Slides, Ann Marino; $64.”

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You guys have probably already seen this but I figured i’d forward it anyways. There’s a cute picture of Majandra and her sister in the June issue of Rosie, with the caption: “My sister once said, ‘You and I look like drawings of the same person by different artists.’ I think that’s totally right on.” — Marieh

Majandra pic is on page 139 of the June rosie mag.

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I don’t know if you’ve gotten this yet, but i’m sending it anyway. It’s just a few interesting perks about Majandra, her music, and relationships.

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i read “Dolly” magazine (it’s australian) and there’s an article on p. 50: “The hot 100 boys/girls” and some of the Roswell actors/actress made it in!

the boys: Jason Behr is 24th, Brendan Fehr is 40th
the girls: Shiri Appleby is 36th, Majandra Delfino is 44th and Katherine Heigl is 47th

Thanks to Kary for this :)

This may have already been sent in. Here are excerpts from an article in the May issue of Movieline magazine, the “Young Hollywood” issue. The article was titled “The Big Young Hollywood Hangover,” by Katherine Mitchell.

“On television, the teen craze had already started and proceeded to get bigger in a magatrend best…summarized by the two letters WB. From “Dawson’s Creek” to “Roswell”–you know you watched one of these no matter how old you are. With each new series came a new crew of stars to pop into new teen flicks.”

Later in the article:
“Taking small parts in prestige films is what smart agents and managers tell youngsters to do, and you can see that some of them have taken the advice. “Roswell”‘s Jason Behr took a small role in Lasse Hallstrom’s The Shipping News and did better than his costar Brendan Fehr, who took a lead in The Forsaken.”