Katherine HeiglLeading

New movie for Katherine: “The 9th Passenger”

A new movie for Katherine Heigl. It’s a Horror movie called “The 9th Passenger”, directed by Ellory Elkayem. Katherine plays a young woman called Delilah. More cast members are: Chris Carmack (The O.C.), Jaime King (Pearl Harbor, Bulletproof Monk) and Matthew Lawrence (Jumping Ship).

The story:

Spring Break has finally hit, and for eight friends, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. After boarding a deserted yacht to get to the mainland, the friends soon realize that they’re in the middle of nowhere and they’re dealing with a mysterious 9th passenger that may or may not really be there… but whether he’s real or not is the least of their worries as not only they seem to be lost out in the jungle, they’re captain is nowhere to be found and soon they to begin disappearing one by one, and all evidence leads to the passenger that seems to come in and out of the real world whenever he pleases…