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Majandra: new message to her french fans

Since September 8, the french fans can chat about Majandra in the official Forum which is a part of “Majandra Scatterheart”. Majandra submitted on October 7, a message to her Fans in France.

Majandra wrote:

Hi everyone! I am so glad you guys have your own forum now. I’m sorry it took as long as it did. I love you all dearly and you are very much a huge priority for me. It pains me that it took as long as it did. My apologies. At the moment I am trying to work on getting a re-release of The Sicks just for France (new artwork and a new song for France only) I was going to do it through NoMajor but it seems they are unavailable for such a thing at the moment but I believe that there might be other ways to make it happen even if I have to do it independently again! So hang in there. I simply love Le Prince Bleu and am glad to see that everyone has been so supportive of it. RoBERT is so special and talented and really just a magical being. I always have such a great time when I get to travel there and sing in front of you guys, I will make sure to do it again very soon. Well, enjoy the site and Welcome. I send you all a very big wet kiss. Love,