Brendan FehrLeading

Brendan in Mexico

Brendan is currently in Mexico for the shooting of a movie called “The Fifth Patient”. He submitted the following message:

“Just thought I’d drop a line to anyone who cares that I´m in Xalapa, Mexico starting a film called ´The Fifth Patient´. I´ll leave it to you guys to find out what it´s about and all the rest. I´ll just let you know I play ´Vince´. I´m very excited and will be here for a month. It´s a project I had really wanted and am going to try and have a lot of fun with the character. It´ll be a stretch and a challenge but I think I´m up to it. Thanks for all the support and all that crap. Also for all those wondering, I shot the first 4 eps. of Miami and we are trying to make it work for at least 3 more but this put a crimp in that plan so we are waiting and trying to see what we can do. Enjoy the first 4 at least and we´ll see what happens. See ya or I guess Buenos Tardes.”

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