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Jason Behr a werwolf?

After “D-War” is in post-production now, there’s a new project for Jason Behr which will begin production in mid september in Canada. The movie is called “Skinwalkers” and according to imdb.com it’s a horror movie directed by James Isaac. Jason is going to play the main role – a young man named Varek.

“Skinwalkers” marks Lions Gate’s first collaboration with another genre leader, Constantin Film which will cooperate with DCP Mystery Arts Inc. and producers Don Carmody and Dennis Berardi of Red Moon Films and renowned effects house Mr. X as well as producers Robert Kulzer, Stan Winston and Brian Gilbert. “Skinwalkers is unique because it has a great story, compelling characters, amazing special effects, action and stunning visuals,” said Isaac. “All of these elements come together in a way that is very organic to the story. I am very excited about the team of filmmakers involved in this project.”

“Skinwalkers” is a horror action film about a 12-year-old boy who suddenly finds himself at the center of a battle between two warring groups of werewolves. One group of werewolves is sworn to protect him, the other group is trying to kill him — and the young boy’s mother has to find out why her son is at the center of the conflict before time runs out.

As mentioned above the production is going to begin in September in Canada and it is slated for a wide North American release in 2006.

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