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Diane Farr shines in a supporting role

The Charlotte Observer published the article “These 5 actors shine in supporting roles” on November 20, 2005. It says You may not know their names, but whenever they’re in a scene, the TV show suddenly starts to sizzle. The author notes that we wouldn’t mind to see more of these five actors. Besides Lisa Edelstein, Pauley Perrette, Tom Amandes and Enrico Colantoni he introduces Diane Farr:

Diane Farr, “Numb3rs” (10 p.m. Fridays; CBS). Before the calculating crime procedural “Numb3rs” even began its second season, we knew we’d want to see more of Farr’s new character, FBI agent Megan Reeves. How? By watching season two of FX’s terrific black-comedy/drama, “Rescue Me.”

Farr co-starred as Laura Miles, who joined a machismo-dripping firehouse to confront rampant misogyny.

“With every card on the table, she pulled the joker, the one that’d bring her down,” laughs Farr. “The thing you fear the most in life will be the thing you run toward the fastest.”

And on “Numb3rs”? “There’s not as much testosterone,” says Farr. But there’s just as much estrogen. “Megan will be throwing it around the math department and seeing where it may land.”

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