Emilie de RavinLeading

“The Hills Have Eyes” Remake got an NC-17 rating

The remake of the horror movie “The Hills Have Eyes”, starring Emilie de Ravin and Desmond Askew (Brody in Roswell) got an NC-17 rating.

According to monstersandcritics.com Craven says the new version is so disturbing and so intense, that the MPAA has slapped it with an NC-17 rating. But Craven tells Empire Online that an NC-17 is unacceptable. “We have to deliver an Rating,” he says. An NC-17 is still regarded as commercial suicide, so Craven and Alexandre Aja, the director of the remake, will be making cuts to get it back into R territory. “The Hills Have Eyes” redo is slated for a March 10 release date.

Craven says that even though it’ll have to be R for a theatrical release, they’re planning to release a full strength version of the movie on DVD.

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