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Numb3rs Star Diane Farr Expecting

On August 31, 2006 Diane Farr confirmed esclusively to People.com, that she and her husband, marketing executive Seung Yong Chung, are expecting their first child in the spring.

The couple wed on on June 24, 2006 at Rainbow Tarns, a lodge in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. The nuptials were officiated by Barry G. Littman, a film executive who became a Universal Life minister for the event, the New York Times reported. Five Buddhist monks also took part in the ceremony.

The marriage is Farr’s first, she nearly made it down the aisle once before, until her fiancé abruptly called off the wedding. The New York City native, who’d sent out 300 “Engaged” announcements, created a “Single” card to send friends and family reading, “Met the wrong guy. Gave him the wrong finger. Thanks for your support.”

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