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“Homeland Security” Article and first picture

Today, the article “Director’s passion, star chemistry liven up ‘Homeland Security'” was published on In this text we learn more about the project and Colin’s role in this movie.

As reported, Meg Ryan was cast for “Homeland Security”. She plays Antonio Banderas’ lover and the mother of Colins character. In addition, they say the following:

Hanks (star of “Orange County” and son of Tom Hanks), plays a young FBI agent who is assigned to follow Banderas, who is planning his next major heist. And unfortunately for Hanks’ character but fortunately for audiences, Hanks must surveil the steamy couple everywhere they go, including the bedroom.

The director George Gallo about Colins’ character: “The audience is in on the joke of all of his discomfort.”

Find out more, e.g. what the best shot in the movie is by visiting There you can find a picture of a restaurant scene, as well.