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MTV Movies about “Knocked Up”

MTV at the Movies asks “Which Comedy Will Be 2007’s ‘Borat’?” “Knocked Up” with Katherine Heigl is on the second place of the top 10 movies we’re most looking forward to laughing at in 2007. Read what they say about the comedy:

2. “Knocked Up” What happens after you’ve been a “40-Year-Old Virgin”? If you do things right, you get “Knocked Up,” Judd Apatow’s follow-up to his 2005 smash comedy (see “Judd Apatow’s Year In Comedy: Raunchy Borat Brought People Together”). Alongside Apatow regulars Seth Rogen (see ” ’40-Year-Old Virgin’ Director Hopes To Make ‘That Guy’ Seth Rogen A Star”) and Jonah Hill, Katherine Heigl stars as Alison Scott, an entertainment reporter whose already-hectic life becomes a nine-month adventure after a one-night stand. Look for a slew of celebrity cameos as Heigl works the red carpet June 1.

The movie is celebrating its theatrical release on June 1st, 2077. Read the full article: Fred Claus,’ ‘Sicko,’ ‘Reno 911!’: Which Comedy Will Be 2007’s ‘Borat’?