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Brendan cast in new ABC pilot “Samurai Girl”

Today, Brendan announced that he has been cast in the pilot of a new ABC project called “Samurai Girl”. He discribes the show as kinda Alias meets ninja’s, which sounds pretty interesting. Read his full entry on

You got your wish (or did I get mine?)

October 18, 2007

I’m announcing that I have been cast in the pilot for (as of now) ABC’s new pilot “Samurai Girl” (now how’s that for range!). No, no unfortunately I was too tall for that character so they decided to let me audition for Jake Stanton. The show is hard to explain except for that it’s kinda Alias meets ninja’s I guess. Admittedly, that may sound a little hokey of a pitch (never been my forte) but I loved the script and thought it would be incredibly fun and cool and am looking forward to it immensely. (editors thing here: I just found out it’s based a book called Samurai Girl:… shoot, something about a sword, what the heck was it? Anyway…) It shoots in VANCOUVER!! YAY!! so I get to go home, well, my other home, and I thank you all for your well wishes and hope to give you something really great and enjoyable to spend an hour in front of in the near future. More details to come but you will have to be careful around me cause I will be fully trained as a certified ninja, probably in the vein of SnakeEyes, and won’t be afraid to use my powers in the blink of an eye, which is probably how fast my punches and kicks to the neck are now going to be. God Bless.