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Article & Video: Katherine Heigl Won’t Cross Picket Lines for Globes

As already reported, Katherine Heigl is nominated for a “Golden Globe” award. On December 13, 2007 Extratv published the article “Katherine Heigl Won’t Cross Picket Lines for Globes”. Katherine Heigl is telling “Extra” that she might not attend the Golden Globes, even though she’s a nominee:

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star is actively supporting the WGA strike and won’t cross the picket lines.

“We can’t cross the picket lines, which is going to be very disappointing., but I am totally blaming the studios,” Katherine said as she picketed in Hollywood.

She added, “It depends on what’s said and what’s handled. I guess theres something about a waiver…but I love the Golden Globes. It’s an awesome night.”

Watch the video here.