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Katherine Heigl Launches The Just One Line Of Pet Products

On December 12, Katherine Heigl announced her newest venture, “Just One”, which features a line of specially designed pet products. A portion of each sale will support animal welfare efforts and programs.

[…] “Animal cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia are a major problem in our country,” said Heigl. “Just One believes that if each one of us does one thing to help this problem we will together solve it. In this case, you are providing your own pet with a great product and simultaneously saving a homeless pet. If thousands of people unite to each help us save Just One companion animal we can stop the unnecessary killing and turn our animals shelters into true shelters.”

Just One will begin by selling a line of custom-designed dog and cat collars through Amazon.com and www.just1pet.com. More retailers and product lines will be added in the coming weeks. […]

Please visit Katherine’s official website Kheigl.com and read the full press release: Katherine Heigl Launches The Just One Line Of Pet Products, December 12, 2012

Make sure to check out the website for “Just One”. There, you can listen to the “Just One” theme song, Katherine’s husband Josh Kelley created, as well.